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Dancer of the Month

Yulia Zhmutski

Yulia Zhmutski first became interested in dance in childhood. After fourth grade, she left public school to study “classical ballet” at the elite National School of Dance and Choreography in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Entrance to this school is very competitive and only the most talented dancers are accepted. In an eight-year period, out of the whole country, only 250 dancers graduate as professional artists of ballet from this school. Of this number only 10 dancers are hired to dance with the National Theatre. Not only was Yulia hired to dance with the National Theatre, but she also was recognized as one of the top ballerinas in the country. Yulia was professionally recognized as an Artist of Ballet, Traditional Uzbek Dancer, Traditional Slavic and Russian Folk Dancer, and Middle Eastern Dance Expert. She won numerous dance awards and performed in a leading role for the most prestigious performances and troupes in the Former Soviet Republics.

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